About Us

Let us make men 

Welcome to the SheDad Foundation

SheDad-Women playing the role of father and mother (Female Fathers)

She & Dad-Married people raising a child together.
● He & Dad-Men raising the boy child
Women and men coming together to raise a child/community raising a child


SheDad Foundation is a movement founded to coach, mentor, groom and be a catalyst fort he progressive transformation of boys and young men in Africa. We provide a platform for boys and young men to learn, reprogram their thinking and sensitise gender based abuse and
empower themselves on issues that affect our men in society. Founded in 2016 and first done in South Africa, SheDad’s primary aim is grooming boys to become real men. It is an educational and life coaching concept designed to address attitude imbalance among young adults within our society through moral and psychological training that help them get their rightful position as leaders in family and the society we live in that is “Raising responsible men”.It is an on going program, that involves women helping the boys child recognise  and nurture their talents help them live their dreams and through their abilities eradicate poverty crime. Every day we witness abuse of many forms, arising from young men who are confused about life and lack motherly love and fatherly care. These young  men have no direction and don’t know their purpose or who they are. Statistics show that boys and young men from dysfunctional families, broken homes, single parents are the ones who mostly turn out to be violent or abusive. This is a platform to help them heal, feel loved, get mentorship air their grievances and learn to treat women as human beings. Rather than to teach only the girl child to abstain from sex, how about we teach the boy child Not to ask? How about we teach the boy child to accept a No? How about we teach the boy child the attributes of a real man which are: Responsible, Provider, Caring, Supportive, Hardworking, Respectful, Integrity oriented, High moral standards


Our Vision

To “Create” a new generation of real men who are out of substance abuse, do away with gender based abuse, are responsible, protective and hard-working whom society love, trust and respect and who aspire to make the world a better place.

Mission Statement
 To be a world movement of men and women who stand up against poverty, crime, substance abuse, domestic violence, abuse against women and children, men who are aware of their role in society as the provider, head of family, father figures and of out standing moral values.